Women's History Month on Heaven600 | Women Making a Difference

For Women's History Month, on Heaven600, we honor women making a difference.

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Submissions for 2024 are displayed below:

Dee Gardner Nominated Freida Thomas

Freida Thomas is a woman of God who works fervently leading the New Psalmist Baptist Church Food Ministry, which involves the operation of a panty, delivery of food to seniors, a plaza shopping experience, and Thanksgiving baskets(feeding thousands of people). She selflessly mentors of others with a servant's heart.

Edith Brown-Johnson

Edith recently retired from The Mayor's Office of Employment Development working with at-risk youth for 28 years. She is currently working at Furman L. Templeton Elementary School as a Pre-K teacher. Edith is very active at St. John AME Church. Hospitality, Media and Greeters Ministry.

Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen is the creator and founder of SHEIAM SHEIAM. SHEIAM is her speaking platform that brings awareness to human and sex trafficking. It's a community outreach that helps to inform the public.

Reverend Doctor Irance Reddix McCray

She is a believer in Christ who has overcome many challenges. As a doctor, she donates her time to the United Waverly Church's clinic. In addition to her medical practice, she serves as the pastor of her church, reaching out to her community. She is currently writing a book, embodying strength and courage as a woman of Christ.

Tisha Winkler and Barbie Johnson

Tisha Winkler and Barbie Johnson host an engaging podcast called The Bookbreakers. They interview individuals both from Baltimore city and internationally. Their charismatic personalities draw audiences to this podcast, which features interviews with authors, publishers, movie producers, and community members. They are also recipients of the Newsome award.

Joanne Sanders

Mrs. Joanne Sanders is a Children’s Author who resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Her second book Daddy, Daddy, Can I be Ambitious was published in August 2022. Mrs. Sanders credits her children for her inspiration and her decision to return to school to get her Bachelor’s degree.

Leslie Shell

Leslie Shell, Coordinator for the Adult Drug and DUI Court program for Baltimore City District Court, is a strong and compassionate leader. She serves her clients with a person-centered approach, based on advocacy for them and a determination to remove any barriers to their success. She has 22 years of experience in criminal justice, juvenile justice, diversionary programs, and program and grant management. Additionally, she has 14 years of management experience in developing, implementing, and coordinating programs.

Dr. Daria Willis

Daria J. Willis is an American academic administrator and historian. She currently serves as the president of Howard Community College. Before this, she held the position of president at Everett Community College from 2019 to 2021. Willis is notably the first African American president at both institutions.

"Dr. Daria J. Willis is the strongest woman in our family. She is the first African American to lead Howard Community College. She is an amazing wife and mother to our 3 children. There are too many accolades to write in this space. We love you! "

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