Group Of Nurses Donate Mega Millions Winnings To Colleagues In Need


A group of 126 nurses at Mercy Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri all chipped in to buy some Mega Millions lottery tickets when the jackpot hit $1.5 billion in October. While they did not win the big jackpot, a prize which has yet to be claimed, they did manage to win $10,000. 

After taxes, the winnings totaled $7,200, which worked out to be around $57 for each person. But, instead of taking the small payout, the nurses decided to use the money to help out their colleagues.

“The majority said, 'Let's give it to our co-workers, our family, the ones that are in biggest need,' so that's what we decided to do,” Stephanie Brinkman told KMOV.

They decided to split the winnings in half and gave it to nurse Gretchen Post and neonatalogist, Casey Orellana.

Orellana's husband was recently diagnosed with sarcoma cancer and has been unable to work since July, and she has had to cut back her hours at the hospital to help care for him and their two children.

The other half of the winnings will go to cover the funeral costs for Post's 17-year-old son, who killed himself in October. 


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