February Living Legend: Mary Catherine Colbert

Mary Catherine Colbert is a member of AsburyBroadneckUnitedMethodistChurch in Annapolis, MD. She has served her church as the church lay leader, a lay speaker and a Sunday School Teacher. But most of us know her as a staunch proponent for education. A former teacher for a local Christian school, and currently a teacher at In Faith Christian School, Miss Catherine has taught both in the church and the community. She instilled in her students a sense of pride and confidence that motivated many of them to continue their education beyond high school. Many of her former students are now adults and young adults, now serving the church and their community as doctors, nurses and teachers.

Miss Catherine insisted all of her students respect each other. Students that could not get along or might have acted out in her classroom were subject to a session with her, learning the importance of valuing and respecting each other. The person unfortunate enough to re- offend knew they would face a more stringent sanction, but it would be applied with grace.

She has spiritually nurtured all of us, but especially those that were called to ministry. As our spiritual mother she ensured that we recognized the tremendous responsibility of being called to serve God. Miss Catherine proofed our written work and refused to accept anything less than our best efforts.

A mother of ten, wife, grandmother, and great grandmother, and church mother to countless others Miss Catherine is loved by all.


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