Valentine's Day is over, right? Wrong! The Facebook Data Science Team quantified everything we share about our relationships, with some astounding results. The most interesting thing Facebook’s research found was where we should all be moving, given our relationship expectations.

If you like being single and want to keep it that way, you need to hit up:

   1. Detroit, MI
   2. Los Angeles, CA
   3. New York, NY
   4. Miami, FL
   5. Memphis, TN

Facebook says those are the cities where the most singles thrive. “In a city where everyone is paired up, the incentive to pair up is even stronger, while cities like New York and Miami are places that people go to be single.”

If you’re looking to move somewhere with better odds of becoming attached, you need to check out:

   1. Colorado Springs, CO
   2. El Paso, TX
   3. Louisville, KY
   4. Forth Worth, TX
   5. San Antonio, TX

But let’s get more specific. Where should you move if you’re a dude who likes ladies? What are the cities with the best single-women-to-single-man ratio.

   1. Memphis, TN
   2. Jacksonville, FL
   3. Forth, TX
   4. Charlotte, NC
   5. Richmond, VA

And what about single men per single woman?

   1. San Francisco, CA
   2. San, Jose, CA
   3. Seattle, WA
   4. Salt Lake City, UT
   5. San Diego, CA