Lion city still retains its stable position even after being submerged under Lake Qiandao since 1959.

In February 2013, exquisite pictures were published by the Chinese National Geographic Magazine showing Shicheng City (Lion City). The city is nearly 1339 years of age and located in Zhejiang Province, East China. In 1959, the city was submerged under Lake Qiandao so that the Xin’an River Hydropower Station could be constructed.

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The city was named ‘time capsule’ by international archeologists. It has been able to maintain its stable condition since it’s shielded from erosion by rain, wind and sun. This makes it a virtual time vessel. As seen from the pictures, shicheng city walls, stairs, ancient houses, wooden beams and memorial arches are still in the same condition they were a thousand years ago.