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Marvin Sapp filed a personal protection order against Michigan Doctor, Teleka Patrick. Sapp stated that his decision to file the order was to protect his family and his congregation. Sapp presented over 100 pages of unwanted correspondence from Patrick and also stated that she had contacted his children. 

This isn't the first time Sapp has had to file restraining orders against female fans. However, in the case of Teleka Patrick, the situation had become much more extreme. Patrick began contacting Sapp more than a year ago, while she was living in California. Sapp's suspcisions arose when Patrick decided to moved to Michigan for a residency at a local hospital. Once in Michigan, she went to Marvin Sapp's church, wrote more correspondences and started contacting Sapp's children. 

In the report from Target B news, parts of Marvin Sapp's Personal Protection Order is quoted, including this statement "I'm a national recording artist...who she has claimed as her husband."

Patrick's ex-husband had told reporters that he believe's his wife had been dealing with a mental illness. Her family stated that they were unaware that she had been having these types of issues. 

Patrick went missing December 5, 2013. Her car was found abandoned in Indiana. She is still missing.

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